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When you find yourself in the middle of a military disaster, what should you do? Read on to find out!

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  1. Causes of Military Disaster
    1. Be Ready
    2. Make Your Own Bug-Out Bag
    3. Prepare Your Bug-Out Vehicle
    4. Be Armed to Defend
    5. Plan Your Exit Route Evacuation Shelter
    6. Head for a Military Designated
    7. Prepare a Bug Out Location

What to Do When a Military Disaster Strikes

Causes of Military Disaster

Other reasons for a military disaster can be due to worst military decisions, an unexpected push by an opposing army leading to an advantage, bad weather, a new military equipment failure, and bad planning. Even history’s famous battles and worst American military defeats have their own share of failures.

Whatever the cause, the one most affected by such blows are the civilians in the area. You can hope for a military victory, but either way, the situation will likely be difficult afterward.

Here are a few tips which might just help you make it out with your limbs still attached.

1. Be Ready

The anticipation of a possible war can be days or even months ahead. The news and the people in your community will be buzzing about any possible turmoil.

It is best to be ready just in case it does come your way.

2. Make Your Own Bug-Out Bag


In the event the SHTF, you will have to get out of the area as soon as possible. As a civilian, you wouldn’t want you and your family to be in the crossfire.

Be ready to grab your bug-out bag or survival kit at a moment’s notice and leave. Sheltering-in-place may not be a good option at all.

Your house can’t withstand a blast from a tank or a rocket-propelled grenade.

3. Prepare Your Bug-Out Vehicle

The bigger it is, the better it will be for you and your loved ones. You will be needing a lot of supplies, and it should also be able to handle off-road travels in case main roads may become unavailable.

If it can hold a few weapons, the better it would be for you.

4. Be Armed to Defend

Equip yourself and other able-bodied family members who are trained to hold and fire a gun. Sometimes, the enemy might just be at your doorstep and oftentimes, they don’t see you as a civilian but a possible threat.

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5. Plan Your Exit Route Evacuation Shelter

You must fan out your exit point from the house to the shortest one out of the area as your primary route. If there are so many people trying to get out, make sure you have two or three more options.

6. Head for a Military Designated

This will place you in the green zone where everything is considered safe even for civilians. Also, it will be surrounded by enough military personnel in case the enemy will be heading your way.

7. Prepare a Bug Out Location


The possibility of an evacuation shelter being full of other evacuees is high. This is why you should have a possible bug-out location as another option.

It should be right outside your state at the most remote place possible. It should have prepared food stockpile and water supplies which should last at least a year.

Don’t forget to stock up also on ammo.

Watch this video of the top 10 military mishaps posted by WatchMojo.com: 

Your government may extend relief goods and all but if worse comes to worst it may take days or even months before they do so. Considering their main priority will be to face an advancing enemy from occupying your area.

If you come prepared for such adversity, you and your family might just have the peace of mind you all need.

Do you have more military disaster survival tips you want to add? Please do include them in the comments section below!


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