Four More Mall Mob Fights Breakout Throughout the Country

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Since Christmas, malls
throughout the country have been targeted
by mostly black teenagers in a
series of large-scale mob attacks, organized violence, shootings and fights. A
couple of days ago we covered over dozens of them, and this weekend at least
four more malls had large-scale disturbances and violence.

Asheville, North Carolina

In Asheville, North Carolina, Asheville Mall was forced to
close it’s doors after a large group of black juveniles began starting violent
fights throughout the mall. Police say as a result of these incidents,
the mall made the decision to close early to avoid further violence.

Concord, North Carolina

In Concord, North Carolina a large-scale fight at the Concord Mills mall on Saturday turned deadly as participants in the fight shot three people, killing a 13-year-old girl.

Providence, Rhode Island

At least eight people were arrested after three fights broke out at Providence Place Mall Saturday night.

A spokesperson with the Providence Place Mall released the following response about the incident:

are disheartened by the isolated incident that occurred last night in
our shopping center. We strive to be a safe, peaceful destination for
our community and we have zero tolerance for this terrible behavior. We
are grateful for our security and partners at the Providence Police
Department. We are evaluating our security protocols but we do not
publicly disclose details of our program.

have a strict Code of Conduct that is available on our website and
displayed throughout the shopping center. Everyone is required to abide
by our Code of Conduct.

Nashville, Tennessee

In Nashville, what was first thought to be a shooting turned out to be another large fight at at Opry Mills Mall. Local Media is refusing to report on the fight, and playing the situation off as just a prank from so rascally teenagers, but yet again footage has leaked on social media showing yet another brawl involving black teenagers.

Dozens of Mall Attacks and Mob Assaults since Christmas

For more information on the dozens of mob attacks at Malls in the last week, check out our article here. The Ghettoization of our culture and our country are some of the biggest threats we face! If you are not preparing for social unrest, YOU ARE NOT PREPARED! We’ve also started chronicling these attacks on our social unrest page here.

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