Rescue Honey Bees from Famine on the Farm.

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Rescue Honey Bees from Famine on the Farm

A little prairie can rescue honey bees from famine on the farm, study finds. (Thanks to reader C.B. for the link.)  Here is a quote from the article on honey bee hive health:

“‘One hypothesis about that is that bees near agricultural zones have more access to flowering crops and weeds like clover than those near forests, which can have fewer floral resources,’ he said.

The new research seems to support this idea. To see what plants the bees relied on, the team took samples of pollen spilled by foraging bees on their way back into the hive.

‘Over the entire year, more than 60% of their pollen collection was from clover,’ Dolezal said. The study did not determine which plants supplied the nectar, however.

‘This experiment was designed to establish how commercial farmland surrounding a honey bee colony supports its growth and survival,” O’Neal said. “More than 80% of Iowa is dedicated to agriculture. And while the two most important crops do not require bee pollination, corn can provide pollen and soybeans produce a lot of flowers, which can be a source of nectar for honey bees. The weight gain of a hive is due to honey, which comes from nectar.’

O’Neal was surprised how often honey bees found clover in landscapes devoted to almost nothing but corn and soybean.”

Texas Woman Killed by Feral Hogs

Reader W.W. sent this news: Texas woman killed by feral hogs in pre-dawn attack

Colion Noir Dissects Vox’s Gun Background Checks Video

H.L. sent a link to this video by Colion Noir: The Truth About VOX’s Video: “The gun solution we’re not talking about”

Banning Natural Gas Stoves?

Reader H.L. sent this: No more fire in the kitchen: Cities are banning natural gas in homes to save the planet

Democrat Candidates’ Anti-Gun Rhetoric Spur Record Gun Sales

Record Sales: Democrat Candidates’ Anti-Gun Rhetoric Brings the End of the Trump Slump. The article starts with this:

“Say goodbye to any remaining vestiges of the “Trump slump.” 2019 is on pace to be the biggest firearm sales year in history. And America’s gun manufacturers and retailers have the Democrats running for President to thank for much of the increase in volume.”

Virginia Gun Ban Proposed in State Legislature

Reader Paul M. suggested this: Sweeping VA gun ban, likely confiscation without grandfather clause, proposed by state legislature. A pericope:

“Virginia state Sen. Richard Saslaw introduced SB16, which would expand the definition of an “assault firearm” to cover many different semi-automatic rifles and pistols. The bill would call for the ban of such firearms, barring people from purchasing, possessing, selling or transferring those weapons.

Among the changes in firearm definitions, the bill would expand the term “assault firearm” to include semi-automatic centerfire rifles and pistols with a fixed magazine capacity greater than 10 rounds. The bill would also ban semi-automatic rifles and pistols with detachable magazines that also have folding and telescoping stocks, barrel shrouds, and thumbhole grips and second hand grips.

Rifles, under the new bill, would not be allowed pistol grips, bayonet mounts, grenade or flare launchers, silencers, muzzle breaks and flash suppressors.

Virginians would not be allowed pistols that accept the magazine into the weapon at any other point than the pistol grip. Pistols would also have an unloaded weight limit of 50 ounces.

The bill also limits shotguns to a magazine capacity of no more than seven shells.”

Oh, and meanwhile in the same state senate: this bill would expand the state’s existing ban on “paramilitary activities”. A Virginian would become a Class 5 felon if he “Assembles with one or more persons with the intent of intimidating any person or group of persons by drilling, parading, or marching with any firearm, any explosive or incendiary device, or any components or combination thereof…”  But who will decide whether any gathering was intended to intimidate someone? Say that you gather to train. But that training coincidentally falls on Martin Luther King’s birthday. Or May Day. Or Labor Day. Or the anniversary of some obscure leftist historical event or birthday? Or it takes place in the same county that some snowflake organization also has an “anti-whatever” rally scheduled. Or on a piece of ground that has some historical significance. Does that magically convert routine training into something intimidating? After all, we now live in a Snowflake Culture, wherein special snowflakes take offense at the slightest offense or even the misuse of a word.

Crowder: The Tech Companies’ Consistent Pro-Democrat Bias

Your iPhone Wants You to Vote DEMOCRAT?! | Louder With Crowder

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